People are the University of Tennessee’s most important resource; as such, employees are expected to treat one another, students, and the general public with dignity, respect, and professionalism at all times. Employees are expected to create an environment that promotes academic freedom, diversity, fair treatment, and respect for others.
Respectful conduct includes:

  1. Treating others with dignity regardless of their position, role, or background;
  2. Maintaining a professional and appropriate tone in written and verbal communication;
  3. Providing positive or critical workplace feedback courteously;
  4. Valuing another person’s point of view, even when disagreement exists; and
  5. Managing conflict in a proactive and mutually respectful way.


Key Policies, Statements, and Guidelines

Academic Freedom

Assess and Engagement

Sexual Harassment


Drug-Free Workplace

UT System Employee and Organizational Development Training

  • Title IX for Higher Education via K@TE
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees via K@TE
  • Your Role in Workplace Diversity via K@TE
  • Understanding Unconscious Bias via K@TE
  • Diversity on the Job: Diversity and You via K@TE

Campus Training

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