1. By holding themselves to high standards of professionalism, employees ensure that the University serves its mission effectively and efficiently. Attendance and work performance are the primary settings in which employees demonstrate professionalism by:
    1. Reporting to work as scheduled and seeking approval from supervisors in advance for any changes to the established work schedule, including the use of leave and late or early arrivals and departures;
    2. Performing assigned duties and responsibilities with the highest degree of public trust;
    3. Maintaining the qualifications, certification, licensure, and/or training requirements identified for their positions;
    4. Utilizing leave and related employment benefits in the manner for which they were intended;
    5. Meeting established job performance expectations;
    6. Refraining from the unauthorized consumption of illegal drugs, intoxicants, or controlled substances while on duty; and
    7. Reporting suspected child abuse or child sexual abuse in accordance with Tennessee’s mandatory reporting policy.
  2. Employees whose professions are governed by standards and codes specific to their profession (e.g., attorneys, certified accountants, and licensed health care providers) are expected to adhere to University policies, this Code of Conduct, and applicable standards articulated by professional licensing and ethical organizations and boards.
  3. As members of a research University, employees must conduct research with the highest integrity and in compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations and university policies. Employees must recognize that failure to do so can result in significant penalties or criminal prosecution for both employees and the University. Employees involved in conducting research are expected to become familiar with applicable laws, regulations, and policies and to consult with their campus/institute research or compliance office whenever they have concerns or questions. Employees are expected to submit accurate, timely, and complete reports and documents related to research.


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