a. General Statement of Reporting Obligation

  • Employees are expected to report any good-faith concern that compliance violations might have occurred, including, but not limited to, the following: violations of state or federal law or regulations; fraud in the operations of government programs; misappropriation of state or federal resources; acts that endanger the health or safety of the public or employees; and mismanagement of programs, funds, and/or abuses of authority.
  • Employees are expected to report compliance concerns at the earliest possible opportunity by contacting their immediate supervisor, the next level of supervision, the appropriate campus/institute compliance officer, Office of Audit and Compliance, or the Institutional Compliance office.
  • Employees wishing to remain anonymous should report their concerns online or by phone to the UT Compliance Hotline (http://www.tennessee.edu/hotline or 1-865-461-2771). Employees may also report concerns anonymously to the State Comptroller’s Fraud Hotline (1-800-232-5454).
  • Employees may also report sexual misconduct, relationship violence, and stalking directly to the campus/institute Title IX coordinator or through any other reporting channels outlined in the campus/institute policies on sexual misconduct, relationship violence, and stalking.
  • Employees are expected to cooperate fully in investigations. As required by Fiscal Policy FI0130, department heads and other management officials must report suspected fraud, waste, and abuse of university resources, and all allegations of such activity made to them, immediately to the Office of Audit and Compliance.

b. Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse

  • Employees must comply with Tennessee laws on mandatory reporting of child abuse and child sexual abuse. Tennessee laws mandate reporting by any person who has knowledge of physical or mental harm to a child if: 1) the nature of the harm reasonably indicates it was caused by brutality, abuse, or neglect; or 2) on the basis of available information, the harm reasonably appears to have been caused by brutality, abuse, or neglect. Tennessee law also mandates reporting by any person who knows or has reasonable cause to suspect that a child has been sexually abused, regardless of whether it appears the child has sustained an injury as a result of the abuse. A report of child abuse or child sexual abuse must be made immediately to one of the following authorities:
    • The Tennessee Department of Children’s Services
      (call the Central Intake Child Abuse Hotline at 1-877-542-2873 or 1-877-237-0004).
    • The sheriff of the county where the child resides.
    • The chief law enforcement official of the city where the child resides.
    • A judge having juvenile jurisdiction over the child.
  • University police departments are not included in the list of authorities. Reporting to university police, a supervisor, or any other university official or employee does not satisfy an individual’s duty to report child abuse or child sexual abuse to one of the authorities listed above.

c. Protection from Retaliatory Discharge

  • Employees are protected from retaliatory discharge if in good faith they report or attempt to report illegal activities, or if they refuse to participate in illegal activities. For purposes of this policy, illegal activities are violations of the civil or criminal code of this state or the United States or any regulation intended to protect the public health, safety, or welfare. Employees are also protected from other forms of retaliation for reporting or seeking guidance regarding potential or actual criminal conduct.

Key Policies, Statements, and Guidelines

UT System Employee and Organizational Development Training

  • Child Protection Training for Covered Adults via K@TE

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