People are the University of Tennessee’s most important resource for accomplishing its teaching, research, and public service missions. Accordingly, employees are expected to be committed to creating an environment that promotes academic freedom, diversity, fair treatment, and respect for others. Employees are expected to treat one another, students, and the general public in an honest and respectful manner.


Key Policies, Statements, and Guidelines

Specific examples of prohibited conduct: Respect for Persons

Academic Freedom


Sexual Harassment


Drug-Free Workplace

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Available Training

Knoxville area Office of Employee and Organizational Development

  • UT sexual assault and harassment training (Haven for Faculty and Staff)
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment
  • Supervising a Diverse Work Environment

UT Employee and Organizational Development online training K@TE

(Note: This is general training that is available to all campuses and is not directly related to university policy.)

  • The Reasons Why Diversity Matters [Human Resources Curriculum]
  • Employee Sexual Harassment Awareness [Legal Compliance/Harassment]

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