In carrying out its educational, research, and public service missions, the University relies on the ethical and responsible conduct of all employees. Even the appearance of unethical or irresponsible conduct can be damaging to the public’s trust in the University. Employees are expected to conduct themselves fairly, honestly, in good faith, and in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards and to comply with applicable laws, regulations, contractual obligations, and university policies.

Key Policies, Statements, and Guidelines

Available Training

Knoxville area Office of Employee and Organizational Development

  • Ethical Challenges in the Workplace
  • Business Ethics for Sponsored Projects


UT Employee and Organizational Development K@TE learning management system

(Note: This is general training that is available to all campuses and is not directly related to university policy.)

  • Making Decisions Ethically [Professional Development and Supervision and Management]
  • Understanding Organizational Ethics [rofessional Development and Supervision and Management]

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